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Variable Worm Geared Motor
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Hydrostatic Drives [ Under Development ]
Variable Double worm Geared Motor (Low Speed High Torque)
Mechanical Variable Speed Drives [P.I.V]
Variable Helical Geared Motor
(Low Speed High Torque)
Double Worm Reduction Gear Box
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Re Coiler and De Coiler Gearbox
Neutsche Filter Gear Box
Rebuilt of Gear Box
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Timer Pulley
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Rack & Pinion
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Salient Features
Speed Variations
By feeding fixed speed to Variator, steeples speed variation can be obtained from
Max. Speed = 1.7 x Input speed to
Min.  Speed =

1/7 x input speed

Max.Speed =
12:1 to 3:1 depending upon selection
Torque Multiplier
When speed is reduced, Variators can replace Gear Boxes.
Speed Multiplier
Up to 1.7 times input speed without necessity of speed increasing gear.
High Output Torque - Over Load Capacity:
Up to the standstill of an electric motor of the same power acting as a mechanical clutch.
High Efficiency
Overall 85% throughout full speed range ideally used for constant power transmission applications in all types of Industries.
Speed Holding
Quite stable with uniform load and within 0.25% with Max. Load.
Drive is highly reliable with long life as load is equally distributed on number of conical Rollers, which are hardened, and ground to close tolerance.
Simple Design
Can be attended by skilled fitter as no electronic/electrical parts/circuits are involved.
High Power Transmission capacity with small dimensions.
Speed Control
Quick and simple. By rotating control knob in running condition only.
Free From Noise And Vibrations
No moving parts like Chins, Belts, etc. Drive is through rolling action of PRECISION ROLLERS, which are continuously lubricated. All components are well balanced.
Bi-directional Rotation Of Output Shaft
Clockwise/Anti Clockwise depending upon Input shaft rotation, viz. Anti Clockwise/Clockwise respectively.
Totally Enclosed Unit
Ideal for hazardous zones.
Practically maintenance free. Only ensure proper lubrication.
Collinear Input & Output Shaft
In-Line Input and Output Shafts.
Before Selecting the Variator Consider Following:
Load Factors
» Uniform load: 1
» Medium shock load: 1.5
» Heavy shock load: 2
Service factors
» 8 Hours running – 1
» 16 Hours running – 1.25
» 24 Hours running – 1.5
Efficiencies of various driving elements used in drive system.
For frequent start/stop, reversal operation, and high moment of inertia load consult us
Multiple Factors For Various Input Speeds:
INPUT SPEED 50 100 200 300 500 750 900 1000 1500 1800
CAPACITY HP 0.5 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
OUTPUT TORQUE                    
OUTPUT SPEED 3 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 90
For Further Reduction Use At The Output Shaft Of The Variator
Chain drive (positive)
Belt drive (slip occurs) For reduction up to 4:1
Suitable reduction gear boxes (worm/helical) by Elmrad